Family History Workshop—Overview

The Family History Workshop is a 7-8 week hands-on course taught by the Family History Consultants in your ward.  It’s typically taught in the Family History Center during the Sunday School hour (and can be taught at other times as well).

The workshop curriculum is a distillation of the 5 Easy Steps shown on the Family History Is Fun website and the Church’s “Temple and Family History Course.”  It can be taken in sequence, or you can pick and choose just the workshops you are interested in.

Here’s a summary of the workshops.  To see the actual instruction for each workshop, click on the links below or use the navigation on the right.

Workshop #1 — Course Overview – 5 Easy Steps – Family Tree
Workshop Introduction
Brief Overview of “Family History Is Fun” Website
xxxxxx Intro.  The 5 Basic Steps
Family Tree Website
xxxxxx Step 1.  Register on Family Tree
xxxxxx Family Tree Website
xxxxxx Step 5.  Prepare Names For The Temple

Workshop #2 — Family Tree
Family Tree Website
xxxxxx Step 5.  Prepare Names For The Temple
xxxxxx Family Tree

Workshop #3 — Organizing—Your Stuff
Getting Organized—An Overview
xxxxxx Step 2.  Organize Your Family History Stuff
Gather Your Stuff
xxxxxx Step 2a)  Gather your family history stuff
File Folders
xxxxxx Step 2b)  Set up your file folders
xxxxxx Step 2b1) How to set up your file folders
Sort Your Stuff
xxxxxx Step 2c)  Sort your family history stuff

Workshop #3B — Organizing—Internet Browser
(At Home or Bring Your Laptop In)
xxxxxx Step 3.  Set Up Your Internet Browser and Bookmarks

Workshop #4 — Organizing—Entering Family Info Into A Computer
Family Tree and Personal Ancestral File (PAF)
xxxxxx Step 2d)  Enter Your Family Info Into A Computer

Workshop #5 — Research—Part 1 (The Checklist)
Researching Your Family
xxxxxx Step 4.  Research Your Family
xxxxxx Step 4a)  Begin with yourself…and other relatives
xxxxxx Step 4b)  Search the Internet using a handy Research Checklist

Workshop #6 — Research—Part 2 (The Principles)
Researching Your Family
xxxxxx Seven Amazing Research Principles
Continue Researching Your Family Using The Checklist

Workshop #7 — Research—Types of Records and the Online HelpCenters
Researching Your Family
xxxxxx Step 4c)  Search for original records
Types of Records
xxxxxx HelpCenter: Research—Records
xxxxxx Salt Lake Family History Library Catalog
xxxxxx Online Ordering for Microfilm

Temple Trip
Smile! …and go to the temple and perform the ordinances for all of those anxious ancestors who have been waiting for someone like you.