Family Tree – Temple Guidelines

As you prepare names for temple work, it’s helpful to understand what ordinances you are responsible for, what ordinances you can perform, what ordinances you should not perform, and what to do in unusual circumstances.

Click here to download a brief 16-page PDF document called “Temple Policy – Dec 2011“.

It covers the following topics:

•  How Do I Prepare Ordinances for the Living?
•  For Whom Should I Do Temple Ordinances?
•  When Should I Obtain Permission Before Performing Ordinances for the Deceased?
•  When Can I Perform Temple Ordinances for Someone Who Has Died?
•  What Information Is Required for Ordinances to Be Performed?
•  In What Order Should Ordinances Be Performed?
•  When Sealing Children to Parents, What Are the Policies?
•  When Sealing Spouses, What Are the Policies?
•  When Do Ordinances Need to Be Performed Again?
•  Where Is the Most Complete Set of Ordinance Information?
•  How Do I Solve Problems Related to Ordinance Records?