Online Preview Versions of the Videos

The downloaded videos are located in blue Tab #8 “Family History Workshop” folder on the desktop.  These are pre-loaded high-resolution versions to use in your workshop presentations.

Following are links to low-resolution online versions to preview as you prepare for each workshop:

Workshop #1

Video W1A (3:42)—Saviors On Mount Zion

Video W1B (6:19)—Turning The Hearts

Video W1C (10:30)—Getting Started With NFS — Choose “Getting Started With The Family Tree” from the list

Workshop #2

Video W2A (5:43)—Claiming Your Blessings

Video W2B (1:24)—Return and Verify

Video W2C (2:24)—Prepare Temple Names

Video W2D (0:40)—Go To The Temple

Video W2E (2:08)—Correcting Information — Select “Correct Information To Submit For Ordinances”

Workshop #3

Video W3 (6:59)—Gathering Family Info

Workshop #4

No videos

Workshop #5

Video W5A (6:07)  Learn From Family

Video W5B (4:28)  Find A Record — Select “Ep 8: Find a Record” (bottom righthand corner)

Workshop #6

Video W6 (6:34)  Follow The Spirit

Workshop #7

Video W7 (5:31)  Granite Mountain Records